Micapeak Mailing List Documentation Page

Introductory docs

These are basic information for users and listowners about the micapeak.com mailing list software, rules, choices and options.

Subscriber user documentation and FAQ
Information on many topics we've found helpful for list subscribers in the form of Frequently-Asked Questions. This generic template document contains information generally applicable to all the mailing lists from micapeak.com This is also a resource for each listowner to customize, pick and choose topics and information important to the readership of each list, and copy/paste sections into the individual list's listinfo page as appropriate.

Owner admin documentation and FAQ
Basic tools and responsibilites of a Listowner for micapeak mailing lists. Includes a FAQ section about more technical e-mail and mailing list topics.

The e-mail command interface
This is what gets sent in response to a user's HELP request. While we primarily recommend and support the web browser interface, several options are available to subscribers via e-mail command when necessary.

RFC1855 - Nettiquite Guidelines
The official "minimum set of guidelines" for polite behavior on the Internet.

Other Mailman resources

Mailman home page
The authors and maintainers of the Mailman software package we use. Has links to the latest version, documentation, other resources

Mailman "as-installed"
Local documentation for the version of Mailman we are running here at micapeak.com.

The mailman-users international mailing list searchable archives.

The whole Mailman FAQ
The main repository for Frequently-Asked Questions about the Mailman software.

More general e-mail technical reading

The fundamental Internet standard for e-mail.

Steve Ramsay's Guide To Regular Expressions
A great beginner's explanation of Regular Expressions, from Stephen Ramsay of the University of Virginia.

Regular Expressions manual pages - HTML
The Unix reference for "regular expressions". This is quite a powerful tool, and the documentation is dense technical material that many programmers find incomprehensible.

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